City Stadium “Cika Daca”

The stadium “Cika Daca” is the biggest sport facility in Kragujevac, with a capacity of 14.700 seats. It has a main court with tartan athletic track and spaces for other athletic disciplines, auxiliary fields and the accompanying space for sports activities.

Sports hall “Jezero”

The sports hall “Jezero” is the biggest hall in the city. It is used for the competitions in basketball, volleyball, handball, small football, gymnastics, and boxing. It has 3.500 seats, modern changing rooms, gym and a sauna.

Sports hall “Gordana Goca Bogojevic”

It is located in the Big Park and it has the capacity of up to 600 seats. It is made for the competitions in basketball and volleyball, and it allows parallel training on two courts at the same time.

City swimming pools

They are built in the sport- recreational city zone, between the Big park and Sumarice. Next to the Olympic pool there’re diving pool, children’s pool, the pool for non-swimmers and stands with about 2.000 seats. The restaurant facilities are adapted for visitors.

Indoor swimming pools

Indoor pool is the pride of Kragujevac, built in accordance with modern architectural solutions. In the area of about 5600 square meters there is a swimming pool measuring 50 x 25 meters and stands with storage capacity of 360 to 390 seats. The building is enriched by a panoramic elevator which serves the connection pool with a restaurant, and there are well equipped rooms for fitness and recreational sports.

Rapid Božović KG

This complex offers a balloon gym for indoor football, an outdoor football field, a volleyball and beach football field and an outdoor children’s playroom. At the same time, this facility offers variously equipped catering facilities for about 240 visitors.

Address: Lovačka bb
tel: +381 64 402 1 402
e-mail: office@rapidbozovickg.rs