Big or Upper Park

All generations of citizens of Kragujevac think of Big Park as the most favorite place to go for a walk. It was formed in 1898 and on its 110th birthday it was completely renewed. It is covered with more than 10 acres of greenery, and thick centennial tree crowns, renewed walking paths and new benches represent a perfect place for resting, walking and relaxation.
In the Big Park and its vicinity you can find courts for basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, American football and handball courts, opened and covered swimming pools, balloon hall, as well as great number of restaurants.

Lower or Small Park

Lower or Small Park is located in the city center, within the Milosev Venac complex, next to the City Market hall. The park has a small area, it is decorated with flower alleys and paths. In its central part there is a Monument to the fallen soldiers of Šumadija.

Eco park

The park is the legacy of Svetozara Andrejević, handed over for eternal enjoyment to the citizens of Kragujevac in 1900. In recent years, thanks to the volunteer work of citizens, members of the Eco – park association who live in that part of the city, this space has been turned into a real small oasis. On an area of ​​over 7 hectares there are benches, swings, seesaws and other props, as well as basketball and football courts. A fountain with a waterfall 3.5 m high was built, as well as five mini lakes connected by a small stream, 90 m long. There is currently a mini zoo, which has about 100 small animals, and its expansion is planned. A large summer stage was also built. The park is enriched with an arboretum – a garden consisting of different types of deciduous and coniferous trees, characteristic of Šumadija. A curiosity in the park is the largest Easter egg sculpture in Europe, and the second in the world; it is made of recycled metal, was installed in 2004 and is over 3 m high.

Pivarski park

Near the city center, on Pivara hill (where the first breweries used to be in Kragujevac), there is a park with walking paths, a space for children’s play and a field for collective sports, which is believed to, in addition to existing and future reconstructions, again become a favorite place for rest and recreation of the inhabitants of this part of the city.