Kragujevac is in the center of Sumadija, in the valley of river Lepenica, surrounded with mountains Gledici, Crni vrh and Rudnik. It’s really rare that the city is located on the intersection of three mountain branches. Characteristics of the relief are: low plain part, middle foothills and the mountains.

The branches of Crni Vrh are framing Kragujevac from the east side, Gledicke mountains from the north-south side from Zapadna Morava with Gospodarevo hill at the end, and Rudnik, the highest mountain in Sumadija, is located at the north- west from Kragujevac. The mountains are rich in flora and fauna, with untouched nature, natural rarities, springs, rivers, and cultural – historical monuments. Those are great conditions for easy and medium- difficult hikes, with the help of professional guides, both for mountaineers and recreationists.


Mountaineering club „Žeželj“
Address: Rudnička 7/a
Telephone: +381 64 21 83 412
E-mail: pdzezeljkg@gmail.com

Mountaineering ecological club „Gora“
Address: Branka Radičevića 20/I
Telephone: +381 64 26 61 970
E-mail: pekgora@gmail.com

Mountaineering club „Kragujevac“
Address: Save Kovačevića 11/11
Telephone: +381 64 13 68 655
E-mail: vskrbic@sbb.rs

Alpine club APK „Kraguj-peak“
Address: Cetinjska 7
Telephone: +381 64 15 61 812
E-mail: kragujpeak@hotmail.com