Kragujevac is surrounded with rich hunting grounds of big and small game. It has the central place in the hunting map of Serbia and it has three hunting grounds. On the territory of Kragujevac there are two hunting societies, “Sumadija” from Kragujevac (the oldest society in Serbia) and “Srebrnica” from Stragari. One part of the hunting ground “Rudnik”, the Lumber camp “Kragujevac”, is managed by PC “Srbijasume” from Belgrade.

Kragujevac is considered the cradle of hunting in Serbia, because, the first hunting society “Sumadija”, was founded there in 1887. The first honorary president of the Hunting Association of Serbia, founded on the initiative of hunting society of Kragujevac, was King Milan Obrenovic. In Kragujevac, in 2010, the Hunting association of central Sumadija, was founded, and now it has over 20.000 members. The hunting grounds are attractive and have a lot of different game. The most common species are: deer, wild boars, pheasants, hares, quails, turtledoves, foxes, martens, jackals, badgers etc.

The specificity of the hunting ground “Lepenica” is the possession of its own pheasant farm, which is the biggest one in Sumadija and Pomoravlje. On this farm, around 40.000 of common pheasants are produced annually. The hunting ground “Srebrnica” has two specific kinds of game, untypical for this area and those are musk ox and fallow deer.

„Hunting Association of Central Serbia“
Address: Prvoslava Stojanovića 8
Telephone: +381 34 35 68 76
E-mail: info@lovackisavez.rs

Hunting club „Šumadija“
Address: Svetozara Markovića 17
Telephone: +381 34 33 75 19
+381 34 33 31 00
E-mail: lovcisumadije@gmail.com

Pheasant farm of Hunting club „Šumadija“
Address: Lovačka bb
Telephone: +381 34 35 74 97
E-mail: lovcisumadije@gmail.com

Hunting club „Srebrnica“
Address: Žike Pintera bb, Stragari
Telephone: +381 34 52 23 47

PC „Srbijašume“
Address: Kosovska 13
Telephone: +381 34 35 74 97; +381 34 38 14 24
E-mail: sgkragujevac@open.telekom.rs

On the territory of Kragujevac, there’s a possibility of fishing in lakes (in Kragujevac and outside of it), and in the mountain rivers as well. Beautiful nature, peace and rich fishing founds, give great opportunities for fishing. Lakes Gruza, Bubanj, Sumarice, as well as the lake in Stragari and mountain rivers Jasenica, Srebrnica and Kamenicka, are available for the fishermen. The most common fish are: carp, Catfish, pike, babushka, roach, carp, Amur, perch, bream, trench, chub, barbell, and brown trout.

Gruzansko Lake with 943 acres, represents the biggest artificial accumulation of its kind in Serbia. The most common fish are: Catfish, carp, pike, Prussian, Bandar, carp, roach, perch, bream, and chub. The lake can be reached by roads from the directions of Kragujevac, Cacak, Knic, and Kraljevo. Territorially it belongs to Knic.

Bubanj lake is located in the urban zone of the city. It has 3.55 acres. The most dominant fish are: pike, roach, carp, and catfish.

Sumarice Lake has 22 acres. The most common fish are: catfish, bas, carp, bream, chub, trench and roach. The lake can be reached by the road Kragujevac- Gornji Milanovac..

Jasenica River (84.7km) is the most water-rich river in Sumadija. Fish stocks: chub, barbell, bleak.

Srebrnica River (12km) is a clean mountain river. The most common fish are: chub, barbell, bleak. There’s also a brown trout, which indicates a low level of pollution of the river.

U.S.R. „Šumadija
Address: Grada Sirena 15
Telephone: +381 34 36 64 94; +381 34 30 14 94

U.S.R. „Bagremar“
Address: Ilindenska 20/a
Telephone: +381 34 31 52 29

U.S.R. „Magma“
Address: Milutina Markovića 4/I
Telephone: +381 63 102 47 23

S.R.U. „Jasenica“
Address: Žike Pintera bb, Stragari
Telephone: +381 63 843 46 54