National museum gallery

This gallery is the biggest exhibition space of the National museum and it is designed for the themed museum exhibitions, exhibitions of contemporary art and permanent exhibition of Serbian 20th century painting and sculpture. There’s also an administration, photo-lab and a preparation workshop. The exhibition space of the gallery covers the surface of 432 square meters.

Address: Vuka Karaždića 1

Telephone: +381 34 33 33 02

Gallery “Mostovi Balkana”

The program concept of this gallery is mainly oriented to representing contemporary fine arts and most current events, both on the domestic and foreign art scene. Art exhibitions are followed by catalogue publications. Besides that, literature evenings and lectures are held in this gallery.

Address: Zorana Đinđića 7

Telephone: +381 34 33 84 51

Legacy of Nikola Koka Janković

The Legacy of Nikola Koka Janković is a unique architectural building by Zoran Gagić, dedicated to the greatest sculptor of Kragujevac, a globally renowned artist. The Legacy, which was opened in 2019 by the National Museum in Kragujevac, features over 1744 artifacts of Nikola Koka Janković, as well as original objects from the artist’s studio, sorted into three individual collections. Nikola Koka Janković bequeathed to this home city a collection of artworks created during seven decades of his continuous artistry. Within the permanent exhibition “Živeti umetnost” (“Living the Art”) there are 75 exhibits, sculptures and drawing displayed, as well as original objects from the artist’s studio. Exhibitions, promotions, and concerts are organized in the Legacy gallery.

Address: Slobode bb
Phone: +381 34 307 101

The House of Đura Jakšić

The house in Karađorđe street, where Đura Jakšić, a famous Serbian poet and painter, used to live for several months during his work in Kragujevac, has two floors meant for different content.The upper gallery section is used for exhibitions, promotion, gatherings of artists and similar cultural events. This section features exhibitions of objects related to the life and work of Đura Jakšić. In the lower section of the house there is an exhibition of around 100 types of rakias and wines from Šumadija which the visitors can taste and purchase. The house is equipped with modern technical facilities, and it has excellent capabilities for organization of special events. There are 50 seats in the upper section for visitors of cultural events, and 70 seats in the lower section for potential presentations of wines and rakias from Šumadija.

Address: Karađorđeva 36a
Working hours: Monday – Friday from 9-13h and 17-20h, closed on weekends

Modern Gallery (Mali likovni salon)

It is designed for exhibitions of current art creativity. On the surface of about 60 square meters in the superscript, since the opening in 1980, to the date, there have been organized over 500 exhibitions of young and established artists from the country and abroad. It is the most visited exhibition space of the National museum, with the annual visit of thousands of visitors.

Address: Robna kuca plateau

Telephone: +381 34 33 56 83

Contact Gallery

Contact Gallery of the Students Cultural Center is a place of monthly exhibitions of local and international established artists, painters, photographers, caricatures etc.

Address: Radoja Domanovića No 12

Telephone: +381 34 33 61 22

Youth Center Gallery

This is the favorite place for gathering of young people, numerous high-quality concerts, art exhibitions and a place that gave many theatre, movie and music artists from Serbia.

Address: Branka Radičevića No 1

Telephone: +381 34 30 24 27

Gallery “RIMA”

Gallery “Rima” is an exhibition gallery in the first place and its work is based on the presentation of the best work of modern and contemporary painting. It possesses in its collection work of important Serbian painters and artistic directions of the first half of 20th century (impressionism, cubism, constructivism, expressionism, intimacy…), and the important segment of gallery’s work is related to the mainstream of contemporary art production, that is, representing the work of contemporary artists through exhibitions and catalogues.

Address: Branka Radičevića No 20

Telephone: +381 34 36 63 96

“Art” Gallery

It’s the oldest private gallery, founded in 1994. in the hall of cinema “Pioneer”. The accent of the setup is on the contemporary Serbian painting and lately, international exhibitions are often.

Address: Branka Radičevića No 20

Telephone: +381 34 35 41 54