If you wish to get to know Sumadija and feel the scents and tastes of this region, enjoy the national drink – rakija. There is not a single head of household in the villages of Sumadija that does not manufacture rakija and everybody claims that theirs is the best. We present you the best distilleries of this area.

Agroprodukt “Zavicaj”

“Zavicaj”, with its headquarters in Cumic (near Kragujevac) in Serbia, was founded in 1990. It produces fresh fruit, dry fruit and fruit rakija.

The production is being done on over 25 hectares and the chief product are plums. Annual output is around 40 tons of dried plums. The production process is rounded from the manufacturing of fresh plums to dried plums and rakija.

A part of the family estate is the cellar for rakija production with a capacity of around 40 wagons with wooden vessels for aging, as well as two driers for drying plums of a total capacity of 4000 kg per 24 hours.

Adress: Potporucnika Govedarice 16, 34000 Kragujevac

Phone: +381 63 102 7312, 034 576 253

Website: www.zavicaj.co.rs

“Pevac” Cellar

The “Pevac” distillery was founded in 2008 and is located near Kragujevac, in the village of Cvetojevac. The “Rooster” Cellar offers rakija made of quince, apricot, plum, pear, raspberry and vine, as well as special rakija made from quince with the addition of honey and propolis “Medena” and “Zlatni Pevac” with 23-karat golden leaves.

As part of the distillery and winery there is a modernly equipped tasting hall for all those who wish to see and taste what the “Rooster” cellar manufactures.

Address: Cvetojevac bb 34000 Kragujevac

Phone: +381 64 223 5301

Website: www.podrumpevac.rs


“Flores” is a Serbian company which manufactures alcoholic beverages, mostly rakija, with a headquarters in Divostin, a village only 6 kilometers away from Kragujevac. Apart from that, a facility for aging alcoholic beverages in oak barrels is located in the village of Kamenica.

It was founded in 1985 following continuing the tradition of a family company founded in 1803 which was in the business of processing food and alcoholic beverage manufacturing; wine manufacturing as well as other endeavors until 1952. The most well-known product of the “Flores” company is the “Zuta osa”, high-quality plum rakija.

Аddress: Divostin bb, Kragujevac

Phone: 0800-0800-00

Website: www.zuta-osa-flores.weebly.com

“TIM” drinks cellar

“TIM” distillery for rakija manufacturing was founded in 2013 and is located on the slopes of the Rudnik mountain, in the village of Ramaca. The “TIM” distillery manufactures fruit rakija from plums and apricots. It possesses its own plum orchards and makes predominantly plum rakija aged in oak barrels.

Their most well-known rakija “Dar Visova” is made from pure red “ranka”, a domestic rakija variety, perhaps the best one for making rakija.

Аddress: Ramaca bb, 34000 Kragujevac

Phone: +381 69 650 655

“Dramic” Cellar

“Dramic” Cellar, with its headquarters in the village of Cvetojevac, manufactures rakija from their own fruits and in a vocational fashion, with double distillation. As raw material for the rakija, they use plums from an orchard of a surface of three hectares, with around 1.200 seedlings of the “Cacanska rodna” variety. The plums are handpicked by shaking the trunks and picking only healthy, ripe fruits, without petioles. “Dramic hot” is a plum rakija, without additional sugars or any other amplifiers of taster or color. It is aged in oak barrels from which it is bottled.

Address: Cvetojevac bb, 34000 Kragujevac

Phone: +381 63 818 54 68

“Aleksic Prvi” Distillery

“Aleksic Prvi LLC” distillery is located in one of the most well-known orchard regions which possesses exceptional natural conditions for producing fruit. Located in the heart of Sumadija, on the slopes of the Kotlenik mountain in the village of Guberevac, the distillery possesses its own orchards covering an area of 10 ha where the old indigenous plum varieties of “crvena ranka”, “pozegaca” and “dugacka ranica” have remained, and it is precisely this plum varieties that give the rakija its fragrant note.

As part of the distillery, there is also a tasting hall with a capacity for 30 seats, an ethno restaurant which serves domestic specialties and apartments for guest accommodation.

Address: Guberevac bb 34240 Kragujevac

Phone: +381 34 6518 288

Website: www.gruzanskanit.com

“Colic” Distillery

The “Colic” distillery is located in the village of Kutlovo on a road which connects Kragujevac and Gornji Milanovac. They use selected and handpicked fruits of old rakija varieties: “pozegaca”, “crvena ranka”, “trnovaca”, as well as new sorts from the Institute of Fruit Growing in Cacak, the “cacanska lepotica” and “cacanska rodna” with over 30 hectares.

By combining tradition and modern technology the “Colic” Distillery endeavors to preserve and advance the old Serbian tradition of quality fruit rakija making. The aging is done in oak barrels which transfer the noble oak aroma and tannin matter to the distillates which brings about a well-rounded aroma and taste in the final products.

Аddress: Kutlovo bb, 34 000 Kragujevac

Phone: +381 66 311 307

Website: www.destilerijacolic.rs

“Sljivoprodukt” Cellar

The trade shop “Sljivoprodukt” is located in the village of Sljivovac and is in the business of manufacturing high-quality rakija in a traditional manner. They offer natural rakija called “Kapljica”, made from plums, grapes, quinces and apricots. The rakija is made out of fruits from their own plantations.

Аddress: Sljivovac bb, 34000 Kragujevac

Phone: +381 63 310 2865

Stari Hrast” Cellar

“Stari Hrast” Cellar from Žirovnica has orchards that cover an area of 15 hectares and they represent the species from which they produce brandies from plums, pears, apricots and quinces. The tradition of brandy production in this family dates back to ancient times. The first written documents about fruit growing and this production in the Stevanović family date back to 1805.

Аddress: 34229 Žirovnica – Batočina

Phone: +381 34 863 103, +381 63 619 836