Active vacation in Kragujevac

For those who love active vacation and spending time in nature, Kragujevac and the surrouding area open up various possibilities and attractions. Šumadija’s gently undulating hills are ideal for cycling, hiking, running, horseback riding, swimming, fishing, hunting or others. There are more and more citizens and tourists who spend their free time like this.


If you are in Kragujevac and you have your bike with you or you wish  to rent one and familiarize with picturesque landscape of Šumadija, you can embark on a two-wheel adventure. You can rent a bike at the following addresses:

Cycling club Radnički
tel: +381 63 63-34-05

Metal doo
Bulevar Kraljice Marije 2- TC Ozon
tel: +381 34 30 53 85

Cycling route 105 (route map and the link for ŠIP website)

Kragujevac – Drača Monastery – Kutlovo – Donje Grbice – Šljivovac – Kragujevac

Length: 43km

Ascent: 880m

Minimum height: 190m

Maximum height: 480m.

Cyclists can start their adventure from Veliki park. A route leads forward through Šumarice to Male Pčelice. 5km long stretch of macadam road starts at the exit from Kozujevo and ends in vicinity of Drača. After visiting Drača Monastery, cyclists follow another 3km long macadam road section to Kutlovo. After the small road branches off to the nearby Pravedni Jova (Prekopeča) Monastery it goes through Drača gorge where macadam road after 1.5km turns into metaled road, and in places dirt road. Although this part of the trail is demanding, you can enjoy in greenery, serenity and get a feeling of being far from civilization. After descend into Donje Grbice, the road goes through Šljivovac to Veliko brdo, afterwards it gets back to Šumarice lake, its starting point.


For hiking enthusiasts, there is a 19.6 km long tidied up and marked trail on Bešnjaja. The trail starts in the village of Bukurovac at around 11km from the city center. You can get there by bus – number 601 from Ćiftina ćuprija bus stop or by car. Trail is circular and goes by attractive sights, and its route is as follows: Bukurovac (local community office, school) – village mill – Ridge of Bešnjaja –Voljevica Canyon – former children’s resort – Đura’s fountain – outdoor clasroom – Vrletnica – Bukurovac (local community office, school). A resting place is constructed at the Bešnjaja ridge by Chestnut forest, near weather station.

Horseback riding


If you love horses and horseback riding, in Kragujevac and its surrounding areas you can visit some of the tourist spots in the city, like Memorial park in Šumarice or beauty of Šumadija’s villages, all while riding. There are individulas and clubs that organize horseback riding schools or horseback riding tours which are couple of hours or couple of days long and which meet the highest of standards.


Equestrian club Kraguj, Hippodrome Kragujevac

Ecological rural household „Glogovac“, Kamenica village

Adventure Park

Adventure Park is located at the lake of Šumarice, in the pine woods near the beach. With modern safety equipment and the help from instructors, children and beginners can overcome 15 obstacles, whereas, adults overcome 20 obstacles before they reach the goal. At the end of this adrenaline rush experience, you can take zip line ride across the lake to the other side and come back by boat.

Adventure Park is open in spring/summer season from 11 to 19:00 (depending of weather conditions).