Avantura park (Adventure Park) is located by a lake in Šumarice, on 800 m2 of pine forest, close to the lake shore and a well-maintained beach. The first level, one to two meters high, is meant for children and younger customers, and more complex second level obstacles, 7 to 8 meters high, are for our older customers. We have: a railless hanging bridge, hanging barrels, zip line, a rock climbing wall with holes, cords with jungle vines, and visitors can also walk over a tree trunk with obstacles, go through hoops, and in doing so they can assess their physical capabilities, motor coordination, as well as endurance and resourcefulness in crossing obstacles. Special attention is dedicated to the visitors’ safety. Everyone who embarks on this adventure is secured with professional equipment, similar to mountaineering gear, approved and adapted to this type of fun. The course can be used by ten people simultaneously.

Avantura park was expanded in 2019 by constructing additional obstacles in a natural forested environment in a pine forest above the lake in Šumarice. There are five new, low-height, up to 1.5 m tall obstacles installed for younger customers, and fans of adrenaline-driven temptations will be able to test themselves in six new obstacle courses for adults, more demanding and challenging from the existing ones. The hardest level includes hanging loops, hanging discs, horizontal ladders, climbing walls, vertical beams, nets, and other props. The “Agility” course for children has also been constructed, with ground obstacles such as a hanging bridge, seesaws, and a climbing wall, everything being covered with a combined mulch pine bark and pine sawdust. Using this course will be free for everyone. Within the Avantura park there is also a lifelike model of a dinosaur Parasaurolophus, 4 meters long and 2.4 meters tall: it opens and closes its mouth, makes “authentic” sounds, moves its head, front legs and tail.

Working hours: in spring-summer season, from 10:00 to 19:00.